9th – 11th November 2009
India Habitat Centre

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Laura Di Nitto

Born in Rome in 1974, she holds a degree in Science of Communication with a research thesis about public and institutional communication. Working for RAI (Italian Television Public Service Network) in the Children Department since 1998, she is In charge of the International Relations for the children department. Expert in children television and in media education projects, she has been involved with concerts, video and theatre productions, arts and poetry performances both for children and adults. Having managed the Italian participation at the 5th World Summit on Media for Children in Johannesburg, Southafrica in 2007, She runs workshops in schools and writes projects and articles about media education, children television and children rights.

Manizeh Bano
M. Phil in Special Education from University of Oslo, Norway, Ms. Manizeh Bano has to her credit the First Sign Language Dictionary in Pakistan. Currently heading SAHIL, an NGO working on issues of child protection in Pakistan, she has made immense contribution in the development of training manuals, awareness messages, research reports and IEC materials on child protection, she has pioneered the movement against child sexual abuse in Pakistan. Her expertise include developing curriculum for hearing impaired children, teachers training on quality education, situational analysis of communities special needs, training of health workers on identification and prevention of disabilities and organizational management

Rukmini Vemraju
Working with Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia, Rukmini Vemraju has a vast experience of working in the field of communication spanning advertising, creative writing, educational communication, product design and development, research and development communication projects. Her current project include working with communities, especially women in developing participatory content for life skill education through community media, especially community radio,  in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.  Besides working on an ambitious programme to develop quality assurance standards for multimedia based learning materials, she is also engaged in creating multimedia resource kits for care givers and community based rehabilitation workers  to address the needs of  children with special learning needs in the community, especially those in resource poor settings. Ms. Vemraju is a keen learner of Indian languages, a movie buff and enjoys Indian classical music and ghazals.

Ms.Neeta Shapkota
A social activist associated with community awareness groups; she has master degree in mass communication & journalism. A program producer and a broadcast journalist with Nepal Television, She has experimented making television programs for children with different format successfully. Her quest to explore new concepts, research, and scripting and program production has made her travel extensively to international platforms of children programming. She has won the Special Prize-The National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan Prize, International Educational Media contest for the best TV proposal which excels at fostering literacy and education in a country's national language, and which contributes to the spread of basic education.

Anne Agebro
q A Danish Psychologist specializing in Psychotherapy, Anne Agerbo is a extern lecturer  at the faculty of Health Sciences at Aarhus University and a board member of the Danish Association of Clinical Hypnosis.  She is also a co-owner of the KTC clinic www.kognitiv.dk In addition to working with children, youth and families, Anne presents workshops to a variety of groups including teachers, psychologists and healthcare personal. She specializes in using Guided Imagery, Storytelling and Cognitive Behavioral Methods through which one can help children/youth develop and benefit from their own “inner strength and beauty”. The essence is to teach children/youth how their amazing ability to produce inner pictures works together with their emotions, body, thought and behavior. The idea is to teach children/youth that they carry, within themselves, amazing healing and developmental powers.  The one “media” which a human being always carries within him – his own imagination and ability in storytelling – provides the individual with a powerful “tool”.

Mag Cruz Hatol
q An educator, trainer, journalist, strategist and recipient of multiple awards and prestigious grants, Mag Hatol worked as Assistant Vice-President of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and lecturer in the university before focusing on the national advocacy for child-sensitive television. He is currently Secretary General of the Southeast Asian Foundation for Children and Television, the leading advocacy for responsible and child-friendly TV in the country. Besides conducting a national campaign and writing for a major newspaper, Hatol  is also organizer and chief strategist for the Anak TV Seal, the mark of child-sensitive programs on Philippine television.

Meenakshi Vinay Rai
q Founders of an early education web channel (www.chinh.in) and community web channel, National Award Winning Filmmaker and culture activists’ duo Meenakshi Vinay Rai is passionate about creating films on issues of social relevance, education and culture. With 33 international & national awards to their credit, they are bending the rules and imagination to create new cinematic grammar. They have been regularly invited to guide workshops at international platforms. Recent in the list is Emotion Picutres festival, Greece, Basel University in Switzerland and Cairo International Children Film festival. Authors of a book on animation, they are successfully using animation as a therapy for special children via ”‘Spandan- the vibrating visuals” – an award winning ambitious animation project initiated to encourage talent among mentally challenged, spastic amd orthopedic children. Promoting children programming as a special genre, they organise CHINH India Kids Festival and Forum every year. Their extensive research in nomadic communities from past seven years has resulted in launching 45 days certificate course in Nomadic Studies.

Carsten Hvidbak
q A certified teacher, Carsten Hvidbak has during his career served as Headmaster of a school for gifted children and a secondary school. He is also a freelance photographer(www.hvidbak.dk).25 years of experience in education has provided him invaluable insight necessary in teaching/helping children/youth with special needs. Using “appreciative inquiry” he has been able to help troubled youth to connect with their own resources and engage competently in social interactions and studying. He believes that it is necessary that teachings highlight the need for each student to acknowledge oneself and at the same time develop a sense of social responsibility in respect of others special needs, personal story and culture.

Dr. Dharam Prakash
His journey as an educator on Television got him into Educational Television Programme production & direction. Having worked as Executive Producer for numerous Television programmes for varied audiences, he has been conducting video production/animation /toys workshops for children. Some of his programs have won national/international recognition. He has written and spoken extensively on various issues related to “Children and Media”.

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