How to invite Chinh Filmy Basta to your School/Organisation/Town/Village

What is CHINH FILMY Basta?
A selection of exceptional, impressive, motivating, touching and sometimes brutally honest quality children programmes from CHINH KIDS FILM Festival, children film producers, festivals and agencies across the globe. We provide  tailor made content packages to suit local cultures.

Who is the target audience of CHINH FILMY BASTA?
The target audience of CHINH FILMY BASTA is Children, parents, educators and media professionals.

How does CHINH FILMY BASTA help the children?
It inculcates among children taste for innovative children programmes and encourages them to read and analyse a film thereby understanding the difference between reel and real. It becomes a film appreciation exercise for the children audience.

How Film Appreciation is different from Film screening for children?
Film appreciation is exercised by showing and examples in children programming. The discussions with the children audience are made to get an understanding of the idea, approach, educational component and  appropriation of the progarmme for the target audience from their perspectives. A series of discussions and screenings turn children into critique and evaluators of the media content created for them. Towards the end children are asked to give an overview of the children programmes they have an access to in their own region This further strengthens the mission of CHINH which is to seek and create media space for children.

How can I invite CHINH FILMY BASTA to my State/ Village/ Organisation?
All you have to do is to register a request for CHINH FILMY BASTA at with the tentative preference of month/date.

What all I need to arrange at my end for CHINH FILMY BASTA?

A venue, projector, DVD player, travel/boarding/lodging of two CHINH volunteers and honorarium of a filmmaker chosen by CHINH to introduce and present the CHINH FILMY BASTA and initiate discussions with the audience.
***Research and documentation of CHINH FILMY BASTA in your region would be subject ot availability of support for researchers and camera crew. The compilation of discussions during CHINH FILMY BASTA screenings would be webcast on CHINH’s Early Education Web Channel.

How would it benefit the children with CHINH in long term?
Children with exceptional roles in discussions, evaluation dduring film appreciations would be invited to be a part of CHINH’s Children Jury for