Lockdown Web Series by Meenakshi Vinay Rai
Starting 30th April 2020 at 5pm
5 minutes 5 seconds

Sandeep Rajan, Farhan Khan, Shruti Rai, Devesh Bhardwaj, Hemank Soni, Ankit Satti, Pavani

Kritika is tracing her sister Ruby from last three months. Ruby had left from protest site three months ago
but never reached home. Later Kritika comes to know that Prashant and Vivek are missing too

Episode 1
Kritika suspects Amit and Mudassar are the key links as they might have interacted with Ruby that night on the bus stop.

Episode 2
Subtle Mudassar and vivacious Amit are the last hope for Kritika to trace her sister Ruby. Kritika is ready to take the plunge
and play this game without using any lifeline. What's the game?


Episode 3
Kritika outplays subtle Mudassar and vivacious Amit in their own game. Was it part of their game or Kritika is out to checkmate their moves.


Epsidoe 4
Amit and Mudassar mentions about one Manju in their interaction with Kritika.
Charming and beautiful Manju has little to tell and not much to hide

Episode 5
Lokesh has something to tell to Kritika and Totli, the car mechanic, seems to have the master key.


Episode 6
Kritika has a lead that Mudassar was at Shaheen Bagh on 19th December. But for what? Is Totli a surprise catch for her?


Episode 7
Kritika clearly sees a Shaheen Bagh connect while Tracing Ruby but Mudussar has a viewpoint.
Kritika assigns an important assignment to Rama, her aunt.

Episode 8
Kritika is searching for Rubiya who requested mobile phones to be delivered
at Shaheen Bagh but Amit shifts the focus from Manju to Anju.

Episode 9
Kritika is determined to know the location of Rubiya from Amit and Lokesh but both of them try to unsettle her.

Episode 10
Kritika is exploring all options to trace the vehicle. Ranbir comes as a ray of hope. Rama is in dilemma.

Episode 11
Kritika needs duplicate keys but Rama has an altogether different plan. It is time for Amit and Mudussar to connect with Shiv.

Episode 12
Rama is a dotting Aunt and now her life dots too find a connect with Tracing Ruby.

Episode 13
Kritika gets a lead about Rishikesh Bhardwaj from a well-wisher.
Rama meets her past. Does her past hold dots in Tracing Ruby?

Episode 14
Kritika is weighing her options well before the final go.

Episode 15
An untold story of Rama and Rishikesh unfolds leading threads to Tracing Ruby.

Episode 16
Rishikesh unfolds the conspiracy theory to Rama. Kritika is about to reach her target.

Episode 17
Rishikesh deconstructs reality. Rama meets Cheenchi.

Episode 18
Rishikesh abreast Rama with facts.

Episode 19
Kritika recalibrates her plans to Trace Ruby. Shabnam has a story to tell.

Episode 20
Rishikesh presents the reasoning and events leading to the disappearance of Ruby to Rama.
What's going in Rama's mind is another mystery to unfold.

Episode 21
Kritika interacts with Shabnam to unfold the sequence of events at the bus stop that night.