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Round Table Meeting of nominated children

Date : 14th November Time :  8.30 a.m. to 11 a.m
Host : Sadhu Vasvani school, 2nd Street, Shanti Niketan New Delhi (24110242)
After organizing India’s First International Digital Children Film festival and Forum successfully from 27th August to 1st September, CHINH INDIA announces India’s first children conference from 9th to 12th December’2007 on theme World We Want celebrating International Broadcasting Day for Children to be held with the support of Ministry of Culture in Sadhu Vasvani International School, 2nd street, Shanti Niketan, New Delhi.

Highlight of “CHINH CHILDREN’S VOICE” would be

  1. Building team of children organizer, planners and coordinators to build children’s voice
  2. Preparation of agenda exclusively by children
  3. The invitees, speakers and workshoppers to be decided by children themselves.
  4. Indicators and guidelines for adults, teachers, parents and schools to be developed after the conference by the children
  5. Meeting of children delegation with dignitaries and officials from Ministry of WCD.
  6. Appeal to the President of India to be coordinated and requested by children themselves

CHINH CHILDREN’S VOICE would be pilot project for CHINH INDIA WORLD CHILDREN MEET to be held
next year in association requested to Commonwealth of Learning and Government of Delhi.

SVISG- Ms Shaili (9971535050)
CHINH - Ms. Sakshi (9818585131), Ms. Jyoti Valecha (9911785928)

Meeting with the President of India at 12.00 hours at Rashtrapati Bhawan


Meeting with The President of India
NOW in Lucknow (UP)
Children Voice