Pre School Category

Sally e l'uovo
(12m, Italy)
Domenico Ciolfi
Sally and the egg is a short movie set in a Farm with the main character Sally, a lovely little pig, and her friends.

Djevucica (13m, Croatia)
Natalija Zupan
When the girl meets the wolf in the woods, a whole new universe is created where everything becomes possible.A short movie about kid's imagination, dreams, nature and big good wolf.

Tar Sand Pudding (5m, Canada)
Xstine Cook
In a hilarious send-up of a cooking show, three kids take on Alberta's oil sands and create a holy mess of their own, complete with oil-drowned ducks. And a pink bunny. With the maniacal logic of pre-schoolers, Maezy, Medina, and Zaiyah satirize Syncrude's environmental stewardship of the tar sands that resulted in a dead duck disaster.


Kids for Kids Category

Life of a businessman (6m, USA)
Noland, Chen, yuanjia, Zhiji
Struggling business professional has visions of mimes and his world become happy again and successful.

(Ex) Changed (20m, USA)
Angad Singh
Sikh – American teenager and his American classmates host 32 French teenagers for 2 weeks as part of an exchange program.

The Thirsty Crow (4m, India)
Naina Sharma (St. Mary's School )
The film is an animated movie and the story is about a thirsty crow. The main aim is to help children understand the story and also help them to relate to it by using visual media.

Don’t Trash It  (2m, India)
Ashutosh and  Siddhant Choudhary
(St. Mary's School )
A dustbin is a container where unwanted and waste materials are disposed off. Some people ignored to use it while some are just careless about it. This film tries to encourage and motivate people to use dustbin for a clean and healthier environment.

Past Perfect- Present Imperfect ( 4m, India)
Shaurya Athley (Amity International School, Noida)
The River Yamuna has witnessed the ravages of time due to man's callousness and utter disregard of nature's bounty and beauty. Yamuna which was once the life line of northern India has now become a mere dredge. This movie is a humble tribute from GenY and an attempt to generate social awareness among Delhites to restore Yamuna.

Internationalism "Coming Together" ( 1m, India)
Simran Kapoor and Shruti Rai
(Sadhu Vaswani International School For Girls)
The film Internationalism "Coming Together" shows the directors view of the whole world coming together in peace.

Nature Responds To Human Intervention (5m, India)
Kashika Kapoor and Manyata Makkar
(Sadhu Vaswani International School For Girls)
The film Nature Responds To Human Intervention shows that even nature response to every human intervention, either good or bad.

DOG NAMED DUKE ( 3m, India)
(Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai)
Once there was a happy family but suddenly he had an accident and he paralyzed. All doctors failed to cure him. Dog indicate him to take him for a walk. Daily walking made him well, but dog died.    

Necessary Evil( 13 m, India)
Sujat Roy/Srimanta Mitra   
(Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai)
This a documentary based on children who dare to think differently when it comes to important decisions in terms of their careers. They discard convention and want their passion to be the driving force of their life. They take no regard of societal views, and yet have to confine themselves within the realms
of education to cultivate their passion. This is their story…

Life Stream (5m, India)
Abhay Sharma  
(Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai)               
A real time video about the normal day-to-day internet routine of students/kids.

Thunder & Lightning (5m, USA)
Susan & Katherine Procopio
Two sisters help each other survive a night of scary, stormy weather.

Contagious (4m, USA)
Joseph, Susan & Katherine Procopio
No matter how hard we try to resist, some things are too contagious to ignore.


Early Education Category

Mikey and Jools Keep Safe (6m, United Kingdom)
Lucinda Broadbent
This animated film, for children aged 8-11, provides discussion points and guidance about keeping safe in abusive domestic situations. Commissioned by the CEDAR (Children Experiencing Domestic Abuse Recovery) Programme.

Atroz (10m, Spain)
Francisco Álvarez
Awful is a singular teddy bear, a worn and curmudgeon one, whose owner is Luna, a little girl who has taken him as her best friend. She doesn't stop harassing him with hugs, kisses and cuddles.Awful itself will tell us in first person all the misfortunes that he will have to live to flee from Luna's ceaseless petting, endearments and games.This short film treats, in a reality and animation blending, classic issues present in children's tales.

The Scarecrow Girl (12m, Brazil)
Cássio Pereira dos Santos
Luzia lives in the countryside of Brazil with her parents and her brother Pedro. When her brother starts going to the school, the girl shows her desire to go with him, but her wish is not respected. Repressed by her father, Luzia learns to read using her own way. To do so, she may even use a little trick.

Vartul (circle)
Santosh  Ram
Damu(10year old boy) , leaves his home to buy Jagarry .On the way he meets his friend  Manya . They stop at a Bioscopewallah. Damu realizes that he is not having enough money and he decides to earn some quick money . This greed takes him  to play a game .  After the game Damu goes to the shop . But  he walk back with tearful eyes.

What Makes Me Happy - Charlotte's Film, Holland (14m, United Kingdom)
Annie Gibbs 
What Makes Me Happy is a series of short films aiming to counterbalance stereotypical portrayals of disadvantaged children by allowing them to become heroes of their own stories. It demonstrates the strength and power of children's imaginative responses to life no matter how difficult their circumstances.. Charlotte's Film Holland: When Charlotte arrives in a new environment all seems strange and different, but with the strength of friendship everything is less threatening and gave her the support she needed.

What makes me happy - Jose's Film, Colombia (15m, United Kingdom)
Alejandro Castano
What makes me happy is a series of short films that show disadvantaged children around the world and captures their positive spirit and resilience and in Jose's Film, Colombia, Jose is determined to give his grandmother a party that she will never forget. How can she dance the night away without music? With determination and love Jose manoeuvres the speaker across town to give her that swinging time.

What Makes Me Happy : Tung's Film, Vietnam (14m, United Kingdom)
Annie Gibbs 
What makes me happy is a series of short films that show disadvantaged children around the world and captures their positive spirit and resilience and in Tung's Film, Vietnam, time for school study in the mountains of North Vietnam, is at a premium due to daily work requirements. Tung has the additional problem of a piglet that is determined to escape his sty and gives more than his fair share to the chase. Even when she finds some time to herself whilst collecting firewood high in the mountains, the magic of the area becomes a distraction resulting in an evening journey home that proves to hold more challenges than normal.

My Friend Peter (11m, U S A)
Steve Kopera
'My Friend Peter' revolves around Gerald, a socially-awkward young man whose best friend, Peter, a monkey puppet, teaches him how to interact with strangers.

The Face Shop (6m, U S A)
Noella Borie
Neil is an 11 years old boy who lost his face. His monster friend, Manny, brings him to a face shop in order to get him a new face. Even though Neil tries a lots of strange facial attributes, nothing seems to fit him. Will Neil find his real face with the help of his monsters friends? All shall be revealed in this creepy-cute cartoon.

Cores e Botas (16m, Brazil)
Carla Comino
It is Brazil in the 80's, Lula is running for his first presidential election, and Joana, a 8 year old, has the same dream as all young Brazilian girls: she wants to be a Paquita, a dancer on Xuxa's TV show. She comes from a black and successful  family that supports her dream, strongly. However, Joana is about to face a problem that never kept her from dreaming before. As the Paquita's contest arrives in her school, Joana realizes there has never been a black Paquita on Xuxa's team and and maybe her dance skills will not be enough to achieve her dreams.




Animation Category

Fergus Mac Erk and The Stone of Destiny (3m, Ireland)
Victoria Farley
This is an epic quest of biblical proportions. Fergus is charged with protecting the Stone of Destiny on the journey to its final resting place. It's a dangerous job, filled with peril, fun and excitement as he travels the length and breadth of Ireland. The Stone holds great power: in the right hands it can shape a nation's destiny, in the wrong hands it could destroy the world. The fate of the world is in his hands; he's only 10, and he didn't want the job anyway! Helping him are his loyal donkey, Marigold and his bossy friend Esther. Plotting against him is Jambres, by day a respectable village elder, but by night a nefarious villain served by his two inept henchmen Knockit and Hackit.

Hoggie & Snip (18m, Canada)
Magnus Hjerpe
A little Hedgehog 'Hoggie is lost in the forest. He meets a playful little snake 'Snip' who tries to help Hoggie. Snip gets taken away and locked up by a human, who collects little animals for showbiz purposes. Hoggie manages trough many events and mishaps to rescue his friend Snip, and he sets all the other animals free as well. There is a happy ending where Hoggie and Snip reunite with their parents.

Gus (8m, Australia)
Andrew Martin
A 'cave' boy and his father live a bleak life in the Swiss Alps, banished because of the boy’s disruptive flatulence, until one day his father reaches breaking point and sends the boy out into the cold, a decision that would change life forever.

The Lighthouse (8m, Taiwan, U S A)
Po Chou Chi
This film is a story which is about parents support their children to make their dreams come true. No matter what happened, parents will be always waiting for their children, just like the lighthouse always shining for the boats.

The world in hundred years ( 3m, Germany)
Michael Schmacke
Kids from 6-10 years were asked how the world might look in hundred years and to draw and animate it.

What happens to the rubbish after the bin? (8m, Germany)
Michael Schmacke
Kids jump into a bin to find out what happens to the rubbish using interviews about rubbish, its kinds, its history and the way to the dump.

What happens to the rubbish after the bin? (7m, Germany)
Michael Schmacke
The life of a thistle, called a herb. But it’s a nice guy !

Save Life  (3m, Germany)
Michael Schmacke
A film from the Berlin Wedding GS School. The pupils from 11-12 years old tell the story of Jane Goodall and how she tries to help the apes.

What will be in the future ? (5m, Germany)
Michael Schmacke
Kids from the participating city for kids in Berlin, FEZitty. Kids were working as animators and tried to illustrate the possible future with animated films.

Twister Town (3m, USA)
Zac & Mirinda
Town in Texas is destroyed by a tornado and they rebuild the town.

I wish I went to Ecuador (6m, USA)
David Bunting
An immersive, animated documentary taking you into the heart of the Ecuadorian rain forest. A child’s eye view of a life changing expedition by their teacher, Mrs. Jones and their joint mission to preserve these vital forests.