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Cravings (2 min)
Dir: Jane Sablow, (USA)

The short CG animation, Cravings, chronicles the brief journey of a determined little girl to satisfy her rather surprising desire. With food as the theme, the piece presents a healthy food choice to children ages 3-8 (and their families) through visual storytelling.

Wishful Thinking (5 min)
Dir: Jane Sablow, (USA)

In the short, CG animation, Wishful Thinking, an imaginative three year old changes the theme of her birthday party when she makes a wish and blows out the candles on her cake, much to the delirious delight of her seven tiny guests.  About nutrition, the piece presents healthy food choices to children ages 2-7(and their families) through visual storytelling.

The Little Illustrated Forest: The Yacaré (2 min)
Dir: Cecilia Hecht (Argentina)

A  Short film of drawing and paint with a puppet. A trip through all the animals of Argentina. Milo will draw and study all the movements and bodies of the animals of Argentina, in this case, the yacare, some kind of small alligator from the north of Argentina.

Armando Armando (8 min)
Dir: Benjamin Avila  (Argentina)

Mike is a very easygoing and restless person. So curious that for him, the universe is a big and blank place to create and where to live fantastic adventures. Without rules and laws, Mikes will make his own world with pieces of his imagination.




A dream in Hanoi (16 min)
Dir: Gerald Herman (Viet Nam)

11-year-old Hanoi boy Thanh is alone and sad after being beaten up on his way to school. In a most unexpected way, ballet becomes his inspiration and salvation.

Smart Machine (4 min)
Dir: Jane Sablow (USA)

Smart Machine, captures a little boy's unusual encounter with a vending machine during a family vacation. Pulling into a roadside motel just before nightfall, when the sky is a deep saturated blue, the glow of the neon signs and the light radiating from the lone vending machine focuses the child's attention. About food, the piece offers a healthy food choice to children ages 5-12 (and their families) through visual storytelling.

Beam (15 min)
Dir: Lawrence Ong (Singapore)

A lonely boy who moves into a new neighborhood establishes an unusual friendship with a beam of light which enters his room one night. Beam is a heartwarming story about a friendship gained and lost at an age of innocence.

A very Important film (10 min)
Duration 8 min
Directed by Ahmed Fawzi(Egypt)

  “Salma” the little girl and “moawed” the film director were making a film about a day in “Salma”‘s life and her relationships with her family and strangers. Salma passes through different situations while she is walking in the street or buying things from the super market until she was exposed to a sexual harassment. And how Salma reacted towards this situation.  

Jesusito De Mi Vida (10 min)
Jesus Perez – Miranda (Spain)

Jesus, a six-year-old child, wakes up in the middle of the night with an urgent need to pee. But his fear of the dark prevents him from crossing the corridor that leads to the bathroom. Influenced by his mother's advice, he asks God for help, in the hope that some kind of miracle might happen.

A small Afganian Poetry Seller (5 min)
Dir: Parvis Valavoun (France)

A woman Tahere sits with her daughter Bita for resting in a park. While Bita is preparing for her entrance examination at the university, Tahere is a housewife and has much stress at home. She set up to submit herself to the cloth regulation of the government. There they meet an Afganian refugee boy & are surprised by his talks. He sells an inspiring poetry letter of Hafez (the classical Persian poet 13 J.H.) to them & makes them happy with a suggestion to play badminton. At the end the boy dream comes true learning playing badminton and enjoying jumping up in the air.

Porque Hay Cosas Que Nunca Se Olvidan (13 min)
Dir: Lucas M Figueroa (Spain)

Naples (Italy), 1950. Four friends are playing soccer out on the street when their ball is accidentally kicked into the evil old lady's yard. They'll never play with their ball again ... and for that the revenge will be deadly.

Manual Practico Del Amigo Imaginario (abreviado) (19 min)
Dir: Ciro Altbas (Spain)

Fernando is a shy 27 year old young man who receives the visit of an old classmate, Iratxe. This arouses jealousy in his imaginary friend, Captain Kiloton, a superhero that had stood by his side since he was a kid, and who feels their friendship is now in jeopardy...



Sparky (3 min)
Dir: Imogene Drummond (USA)

In a blue cosmic egg, seeds of light or sparks sprout and bud.  The paper cut-out pieces playfully re-configure themselves, create surprising new images, then come together to form a work of art symbolizing our potential for creativity, growth and transformation.  Sparky mingles original art, animation, music, and poetry. 

Divine Sparks (29 min)
Dir: Imogene Drummond (USA)

Members of the renowned Dance Company stretch and sway like paper cut-out pieces come to life, multi-colored eyeball puppets cavort, whales sing, and Native American dancers in full regalia celebrate!  Dancing to the beginning of time, this whimsical reverie about our mysterious place in a wondrous universe holds possibilities for our future.  Divine Sparks celebrates the transformative power of creativity and offers an alternative to violence.  An iconic story for our troubled times, Divine Sparks leans toward the light.

For a Fistful of Snow (6 min)
Dir: Julien Ezri (Switzerland)

A long time ago, terror, loathing and power reigned over the Wild Wild North. The foolishness of the inhabitants led them to battle for anything, even... For a Fistful of Snow.

Kidnap (4 min)
Dir: Sijia Iuo (USA)

A little chicken is late to school, but her excuse is too wild to believe: getting kidnapped on the way to school. You believe not, this chicken is a really good actress and Kung fu master! After her explanation, you have to believe that her adventure is so true. She was kidnapped by chickens first, then gunmen, then aliens and finally Jesus saved her life and sent her to school. It is just a 4 min short film, and I'm sorry I can't write more.

Wanda ( 4 min 11 sec)
Dir: Barbara Parks (USA)

The amazing expedition of Zamba in the Cabildo: Trip to the cabildo (28 min)
Dir: Sebastián Mignona (Argentina)

The amazing expedition of Zamba in the cabildo takes a child through sceneries and events of Argentinean history. An animation film for children with loads of adventures and humor. In this cycle, we can participate of the Mayo’s revolution through the eyes of a boy of the future who discovers the past.

Stories to stay away: Nahuel and the lost man (4 min)
Dir: Javiera Irusta (Argentina)
A grandmother and her grandson climb on a tree for the whole night while it rains above. The grandmother tells her grands ond these stories to pass the time and wait for the rain to stop pouring down. Nahuel and the lost man is a Mapuche legend about the relationship between animals and humans.

Remembering how to smile
(6 min)

Dir: Fanny Berthiaume (France)

Remembering How to Smile is a short puppet film about a family shaken by a tragic loss. The absence of her mother, leaves Chloe digging through old books, searching for her image captured in a series of polaroids. Oblivious to the endeavours of his daughter, David struggles alone to face the loss of his beloved wife. Crafted entirely by hand, Remembering How to Smile speaks to the child in all of us, and casts a light on the complexities of family ties and grief.

Child Traficking (2 min)

Domestic Violence (2 min)

A very Important film (10 min)
Duration 8 min
Directed by Ahmed Fawzi(Egypt)

“Salma” the little girl and “moawed” the film director were making a film about a day in “Salma”‘s life and her relationships with her family and strangers. Salma passes through different situations while she is walking in the street or buying things from the super market until she was exposed to a sexual harassment. And how Salma reacted towards this situation.  


STRUGGLE, journey of life...
(7 min)

Dir: Vedanti Dani (India)

Children, when they make a story, it is mostly out of the things happening around or the issues they face direly. unemployment is what children of age group 16 to 18 are going to face in near future of their career...so that's the subject these two must have chosen...the prime aim of conducting a film making workshop for children was to bring out what's in their mind...?

Beginning Of End (5 min)
Dir: Nimish  Shakyaputra (India)

A boy gets into the habit of tobacco chewing. After a few months he is a regular customer. After a year or so, an ulcer is visible on his cheek. He is worried, doctor says only an operation can help but he cannot raise the cost no friend lends him money as it's beyond their capacity & they do not want to pay money for his mistake, for which they had warned him time & again. Now without money & with growing ulcer which is malignant, he faces the truth of life, he decides, if he cannot save his life, why not save others' lives..so he deviates everyone from buying/ chewing tobacco & actually showing them the ulcer.

Noti Paka Paka (30 min)
Dir: Cielo Salviolo (Argentina)

To know our country, history, animals and curious Facts, Noti pakapaka investigates these topics and many more. Our Anchorman will interview children from all around Argentina to learn what’s more important in each region.

Dhanwarlo O Avva ()
Dir: (India)

Fagged Out (11 min)
Dir: Devansh Mathur (India)

Poverty (3 min)
Dir: Ayesha Absar, Hassan Tauqueer, Tania Quadir, Wasil Kareem (Pakistan)

Dir: Abdullah Liaqat, Furqan Amjad, Imaan Ansari (Pakistan)

Drinking = Death
Dir: Mahesh, Amit, Jitender (India)
This attempt at stop motion animation by three children Amit, Mahesh & Jitender gives a message against alcoholism.

Home Work ()
Dir: Jagpreet, Jyoti, Monika & Vandana (India)

German – My Future ()
Dir: Simran Dhingra (India)

Nandini ()
Dir: Nandini, Chahat, Miheek, Soumyaneel (India)

Dir: Amith, (India)

The Centipede ()
Dir: Chirayu, Chirantan (India)

Save Tiger – 1 ()
Dir: Shruti Rai (India)

Save Tiger – 2 ()
Dir: (India)

Smoking ()
Dir: Miheek Rao (India)

No Stress – 2 min 54 sec
No stress” is produced by the chinh pilot group and visiting co producers. All children involved is age 10 to 15 year . They met one day and had 2 hours to create this film – starting with finding the theme, produce and cut. “No stress” is the story about a typical day in the life of an ordinary danish student.  Programs used was “moviemaker”, camera use “ordinary digital camera